Sunday, August 19, 2012

NYC Flea Markets

I love Flea Markets, it's one of my favorite things to do!
One of the first things I did when I arrived to NY, it was to find out
where are all the flea markets hidden in this big city?

I created a list and hit the road!
Up to this day I visited two flea markets and this is what I found...

mirror mirror on the wall...

My first stop was in HELLS' KITCHEN flea market.
This market located on west 39th street between 9th and 10th avenues.
In this market you can find second hand antiques alongside to
young designers items.

Vintage items

Pepsi bottles from the sixties

Vintage handles

Vintage tennis racquet's

My sexy husband measures hats

My second stop was the ANTIQUES GARAGE.
The garage located at 112 west 25th street, between 6th ant 7th avenues.
The antiques garage has been attracting thousands of shoppers each weekend 
since 1994. You can find there antiques, decorative art, vintage items,
jewelry, handbags and furniture's.

Down the road at west 25th street between Broadway and 6th avenues,
at WEST 25th STREET MARKET you can find 
antiques, collectibles and other types of vintage.
The African stand is the most immpresive one i found there.
I found there handmade baskets and chairs created from beads.



handmade baskets

handmade chairs created from beads

So use the summer weekends and go to find bargains in NYC flea markets.
This is what I am planing to do in my next weekends.


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