Monday, August 27, 2012

You must know the ABC

If you love design, art and beauty you must know the ABC store.

ABC is a huge 6 floor store located at 35 east 18th street, New-York.
I love to be lost in places... and this is defiantly the place to be lost in.
Inside it, they have what everyone needs to design their house of dreams.

If you hungry or just want to relax and enjoy a drink you can find there the 
ABC kitchen. It's a restaurant with an amazing atmosphere, 
beautiful design and great food.

Entrance to the restaurant from the street

Small perfect details

The restaurant space

The restaurant restroom

The most amazing thing in the ABC store, except the items themselves,
is the unique way they present them.
The exhibition space combine old and new, 
Industrial products and handmade products, vintage and modern.
The combinations works together in a perfect way with allot
of attention to the smallest details.
Everything seems to be random and coincidental, although it is clear
that everything is in the right place. 
Every corner in the store is carefully designed.
This is one of the most attractive and memorable storethat I ever visited.
 It was amazing experience for me!
So I suggest you all go to get inspiration from this 
unique place.

Handmade plates

Like imaginary world

White painted wood surfaces

Origami chair

Fabric birdcage

Pink boxes

Now you know the ABC.

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