Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Open House - Part 2

New york "open house" event was amazing experience for 
me as an Interior Designer.
This event open (except the houses) the opportunity to meet 
very talented designers that are working in the city 
(yes, I am looking for job!), and to look inside their private houses.
I manged to visit at five apartments, each one of them was 
very different and reflected the spacial taste and way of life of 
each Architect and Interior designer.
I am very excited to share this experience with you.

DAY 1 

House no.1 
Interior designer: Christopher Coleman.
Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Bed head-Bord

Colorful living room 


House no.2 
Architect: Slade Architecture.
Location: Lowe east side, Manhattan

Kitchen cabinet 

Children playroom


Master bedroom

Master bedroom

To be continue...

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