Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Open House - New York City

It is almost here, the “open house” event is on this weekend!

In the past couple of month I’m wondering how the NYC apartments
 looks like from the inside, as I’m use to seeing it on movies and TV productions most of my life.

Carrie Bradshaw's apartment
Sex and the city 

Carrie Bradshaw's apartment
Sex and the city 

Monica's apartment

"Friends" floor plan

As you already know, I’m walking the streets of NYC a lot since
 I arrived here, taking pictures of almost every detail that I come across.
I often wonder what it would be like to see some of these amazing apartments interior and get a glance of how it really looks
 like from the inside.

Well, this weekend, I don’t need to wonder anymore! I now have a chance to actually see what is hidden behind those doors and windows that I can’t stop taking pictures of.
Before I moved here, I had an accurate description of how I want our apartment to look like – high ceiling, wood floor, huge windows that brings in a tons of natural light and a street entrance just like 
Carrie Bradshaw had ;)
I was able to get some of it by now, I am sure the rest will
 come in the future.
So, I plan on having a full schedule this weekend, hopefully I won’t spend most of my time waiting in lines.
I truly recommend you to go online to and plan your own schedule, I promise to keep you posted about my own experience on this upcoming event in my next post.

Meanwhile I invite you all to fantasies about things that are happening behind these doors…

east village 

west village

My street entrance door

West village

Harlem street entrance



High line




West village 

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