Friday, September 21, 2012

Williamsburg my love

In the last few weeks my husband and me started to look 
for new place to live... place that we can call HOME!

Finding a nice place in good price in Manhattan isn't easy job,
(it terns out that in Williamsburg also)
so we decide to extend our search zones and cross the river
to the beautiful neighborhood Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Brooklyn bridge

This neighborhood has unique atmosphere, 
we fell in love with it.

Between one apartment to another I took time to explore the
area and realized that it is full with designed boutiques,
restaurants, pubs and beautiful people.
There are also plenty of second hand and designers shops.

View from one of the apartments out

Street art

Design store

Design store


Store corner

Meatball restaurant

View from one of the apartments out

I hope that by visiting this post you will feel some of
excitements that I have when I am traveling in the 
street of Williamsburg.

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